Our Story

We are a property investment company committed to providing quality developments to customers and investors.

Our story started early 2012 with a thriving construction company and a successful property business joining forces in late 2012. Our plan was to look at potential properties in Yorkshire which were ready for renovation and resale and make profits – to reinvest in further projects.

We began working on  building projects in late 2012 and drew upon our vast business experience to build our portfolio and re-sell property at a significant margin.

However, this was not enough growth, and we wanted to offer our service to other people in our situation. This made us think further afield. What would happen if we encouraged investors to invest with us and we provide a guaranteed fixed rate of at least 10% return yield on their investment. That would be more than any bank can offer and in an investment that could last for generations.

This is where Structured Acquisitions was born.




Our team has one motive in mind. To ensure you find the right investment for you.


We have been in the property investment sector for more than 10 years and thrive on making returns even in tough markets.


We are 100% committed to ensuring your investment is completed to the highest standard possible and with the least amount of hassle.


We won't just take your money and leave you to it. We ensure our customers are kept in the know throughout the investment process.


Our customers can choose to buy a ready-made property or can choose to invest in land which makes a good return.


With Government Help-To-Buy Schemes and our own Solicitors, your new home will be completed and bought sooner than you think.
Structured Acquisitions Ltd, 64a Roseville Road, Leeds, LS8 5DR

Welcome to your next Investment.